Odoo Human Resources Application

Human Resource Management is crucial access for the effective management of the individuals in an organization, therefore it helps the business to enhance the business production. Human Resource Management with odoo enables the organization to manage all the HR operations on a single dashboard.

Human Resource application utilized by the organization to integrate several HR functions like storing employees information, payrolls, and benefits, recruitment process, administrative benefits, and keeping records. It allows the HR department to easily manage the daily human resources processes and it will be easily accessible by them. The employee information like attendance, salary, leaves, expenses, recruitment, and employee evaluation are efficiently managed using HRMS in Odoo. The growth of an organization is determined by the employee's work. Open ERP Human Resource application enables the users to manage the crucial approaches of employees work efficiently like their skills, contracts, and their working time.

Modules of Human Resource Application


The Odoo employees module contributes to the heart of the organization's employee management operations. The users may create employees, allocate the employees designation, department allocation, and assign the employees with the managers for their supervision. Additionally, the employee's skills, qualifications, resume information, and all the personal and professional information can be stored along with the documentation aspect of each employee like a copy of certificates, licenses, and moreover, personal and professional ones could be stored in the module. Furthermore, the user can retrieve employee data from the module dashboard by filtering and arranging them according to certain characteristics.


The Odoo recruitment module will help users to run a seamless and effective hiring process. The recruitment module will first allow users to define job opportunities, including duties, salary, and all other characteristics of the job, and post them on social networking platforms, company websites, and even print out copies for newspaper publication. The module allows for a quick overview of applications, recruiting stages, applicants, and rejected applicants, among other things.

Time Off

The attendance and time of the Odoo platform's attendance and time modules are linked. Employees can request time off by expressing the reason for taking the time off on a specific day using the time of the module. The appointed manager or the company's HR could approve these requests. The operation's attendance module is dependent on each employee's presence, which can be tracked via biometric devices or their systems.


Employee remuneration and appraisal based on the quality of service provided is an important part of any business' operations. Employees receive satisfaction acknowledgment of work for services delivered over a lengthy period of time as a result of the appraisal. Before the app is installed on every employee in a firm, numerous factors and analyses must be completed. These parameters and terms differ from one organization to the next, and it is fully up to them.

The Odoo platform includes a distinct employee appraisal module that is designed to handle operations. The functionality of this module has been integrated into Odoo's other HR administration modules. As a result, users will have access to the relevant information during the approval process.

Employee appraisals might be primarily based on the following factors:

  • Evaluation

  • Rating System

  • Self-assessment

  • Face to Face interview


The Odoo platform includes a referrals tool that allows users to refer their close relatives and friends to employment openings. The job posting may be emailed immediately to an external contact, who could then apply for the position. Furthermore, the concept is built on the operation of points where current employees can claim various prices mentioned by the company if their reference is chosen as an employee.


The Odoo platform's fleet module is not only for managing the operations of a car service provider company but also for multinational enterprises and companies that supply employees with a company vehicle during their employment. Furthermore, the module's vehicle allocations can be changed to suit the demands of the user. In addition, the user can handle service, repair, fuel log information, driver allocations, and a variety of other facets of the company's operations.


From the above discussions we can say that: human resource management is not more than just recruitment and onboarding. It goes above and beyond, guaranteeing that your company is always progressing toward its objectives while also enhancing personnel management. Human resource management development with Odoo ERP helps businesses stay proactive with their HR activities while decreasing operational complexities in the sector. 

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